Make Your Writing
Your Superpower!

Transform your writing at work from a chore to a cinch. I’ll show you how.

Sharon Ernst
  • Is writing tedious and time-consuming for you?
  • Are you insecure about your writing?
  • Does your writing get the results you want?
  • Do you sometimes facepalm 🤦 when you read what you wrote?

Well, guess what…you’re not alone! In fact, you’re normal. Plenty of people just like you worry about what and how they write at work, whether they write for work or for revenue.

I’m here to help!

I’ll teach you writing skills that will transform your writing at work from a task you dread to a superpower that gets results.

Whether you’re tackling workplace writing, like emails and documents, or sales and marketing, like web content and case studies, you’ll learn to do it with ease and confidence.

And when you make your writing your superpower, you’ll be more productive, more promotable and more potent.

Make your words work for you. Whether you’re doing the work or selling the goods, be a better, faster writer…starting now.

Power Up Your Writing at Work

Power Up Your Sales and Marketing

What people are saying…

It’s not just “what” you say, but “how” you say it that counts in business!  As an education specialist, I communicate all day long and making sure that the message I deliver is clear is very important.  Working with Sharon has helped me to be clearer in my message, more impactful in my delivery and really hone in on how to be more effective in what I write.  Hats off to her and her ability to “teach”the art of writing for business!

Ginger Bell

Education Specialist, Go2Training

Sharon knows her stuff! I’ve been in this business for a very long time, yet it would still take me a week-long workshop to learn everything she knows about writing better and faster.

Mavis Lamb

Owner/Writer/Storyteller, Mambo Productions

I enjoyed going through the whole course in one sitting and love knowing I can go back to it as a reference as well. Great tips and examples.

Sheena M.

First, I loved the course! You’re an excellent presenter — very engaging! Second, I like how the course was in small chunks to digest the information. Every lesson is full of clear direction, so you can immediately put it into action.

Samantha F.

Sharon has been a steady mentor and engaging educator to upskill my business communication. She has taught me that it’s important to consider who our audience is regardless of our prose. When we’re writing an email, a resume, a cover letter, a blog, or a presentation, it’s important to understand who we are communicating with and what they value. Because I’ve learned from Sharon, I was able to write a resume that got an immediate response. I also wrote a presentation to pitch an idea to leadership for a global organization. That got me invited to a division meeting to share my passion. Those are just two examples of the power of strong writing skills. Sharon steps people into success through her prowess with words and wisdom in business. Writing can become an empowering tool for us and we can become a better, faster writer with Sharon.

Chris Deputy

Lifelong Student