Boost Employee Productivity with Stronger Writing Skills

give your career a boost with better writing skills ebookLet’s get to the point: Poor business writing skills are costing you dearly, with money and time wasted on too many back-and-forth emails, brands damaged by careless content, poor communications that bog down projects, and more.

Your employees want to be more effective and productive, but if they lack the skills, how can they?

That’s why they must improve their writing skills.

When your employees strengthen their business writing skills, they:

  • Get more done in less time because they communicate clearly.
  • Help others get more done for that same reason.
  • Improve your brand.
  • Uphold your stakeholder and vendor relations.
  • Become all-around better communicators.

And you can make that happen. You can improve your employees’ writing skills with the online classes I offer.

Why my way works

Whichever path you choose, you’ll find that your employees like my approach to helping them improve. I’m not an English professor or a strict grammarian. I’m a former copywriter who spent 20 years constantly striving to write quickly, clearly and effectively. The lessons I learned during those two decades are the lessons I pass along to your employees.

While others who teach business writing focus on the mechanics of writing correctly, I focus on helping people write clearly yet in an engaging style. There’s a huge difference, in both the approach and the results.

And isn’t that what you want for you and your employees? Stronger writing skills? Emails others will read? Documents that clearly communicate? An end to the confusion and wasted time and money?

Help your employees build better business writing skills

Take the first step: Check out the online classes to see which ones meet your employees’ learning needs.


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