Find eBooks for Business Writing, Marketing and Email Copywriting Here…

Offering multiple ways to learn is one of my goals with That’s why you’ll find over a dozen ebooks here on business writing, marketing writing and email copywriting.

Why an eBook?

These ebooks are pdf files, so if you’re like me, you’ll want an ebook to print out and write on, annotate, highlight and refer back to. Or if you’re like my kids, you might prefer the ebook so you can simply scan the book on your screen without printing.

Most of these ebooks are the workbooks that correspond with the online classes.

That means you might be better off if you think you want to take an online class to go straight there! Otherwise, you’ll pay for the ebook, then pay for the class. If you take the class first, the ebook is free. Just being honest here!

To find the ebooks that best fit your professional goals, follow one of these links:

Or jump to the online classes instead.

P.S. Note that the marketing writing ebooks can benefit everyone! The tips and tricks used in the marketing field are applicable to business writing too—because we’re all trying to get something from someone, right? So even if you’re here for business writing tips, check out the marketing writing ebooks too.

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