eBooks to Boost Your Email Copywriting Skills

free ebook how not to look like a spammerMost businesses use email to try and market their goods and services, but few of them are succeeding. Why? Because email is easy to do but it’s very hard to do well. And that’s probably why you’re here: to learn how to do email better.

Below you’ll find links to ebooks to help you write better marketing emails so you get better results—and, I hope, more sales.

You might be a business owner, a freelancer, a marketer or a salesperson. But your job title doesn’t really matter. What matters is your goal: to get better results from your email marketing, right?

And that’s what these ebooks are designed to do. I worked as a freelance copywriter for 20 years, writing hundreds of marketing emails for clients, and I learned a thing or two along the way. Plus I am also a consumer, meaning I have been on the receiving end of thousands of marketing emails over the years, and I’ve looked at them all with a critical eye to figure out what works and what doesn’t. All those 20 years of experience and thousands of emails provide the basis for the lessons taught in these ebooks (and soon online classes too).

Find the ebook that’s right for where you are right now (and check out the free one on how to avoid the spam label):


Email Copywriting 101–Write Better Emails for Better Results

Learn the basics behind successful email copywriting! This ebook has two parts to it. The first is about the three most common mistakes people make when writing their marketing emails because I believe that when you’re aware of the mistakes, you’re more likely to avoid making them. The second part is about ways to improve, specifically about ways to improve subject lines, the body copy and calls to action at a beginner level. See more…

Intermediate Email Copywriting 

A lot of people assume writing emails is easy. Or they assume it’s like writing any other kind of marketing copy. But it’s not. And writing effective marketing emails is hard, in part because we face so much competition in the inbox, in part because people decide in a split second whether or not to bother with an email as they swipe on their phones. But when you get better at writing emails, you write emails that will stand out from the clutter of the inbox, and people will look forward to your emails because they know they’re worth reading, which gives you a huge advantage over your competition. This ebook will show you how.

automated email marketing ebookAutomated Email Marketing

Put the power of automated email to work marketing your business with this ebook as your guide. It covers different types of automated emails, why you should use them, common mistakes to avoid, and ways to do automated emails better, all from the perspective of the content. (And content is king, remember!) Buy it today, benefit tomorrow! Learn more…