Email Copywriting 101 Teaches You Sales Email Basics

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Not a copywriter? Not a problem! Take this class and learn how to write sales and marketing emails without having to hire a pro.

Learn to write sales and marketing emails that cut through the clutter!

Times are tough. You need better email marketing and you need it now.

After the 2008 economic downturn, marketing budgets were slashed. I know because that meant my income as a freelance copywriter was also slashed. I lost every high-tech client almost overnight—the bulk of my business.

The pandemic of 2020 has caused an economic downturn that means marketing budgets are slashed once again. But marketing can’t stop. Without the marketing engine chugging along, sales can’t happen.

What does happen? Sales and marketing emails get written in-house because businesses lack the budget to pay a professional to do the work. Which is fine, except the people writing the emails should get a little training first, whether they’re a small business owner or part of a sales or marketing team.

Because email is easy to do, but it’s hard to do well.

Trust me. I know. I’ve seen hundreds of sucky emails, all written by people who think they’re doing just fine. And they’re not. And they could so easily improve!

Learn to write sales emails that engage

Too many people think email marketing is as easy as getting a list, writing an email, and sending the email to the list. Wash, rinse and repeat. Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

The truth is, all of this is hard. Building a quality list is hard. Writing persuasive emails is hard. Getting emails delivered is hard.

Besides, people already get too many spammy emails. Don’t add to the clutter!

And improving your email copywriting is perhaps the easiest of the three, so start there. How? With my short, affordable class on Email Copywriting 101.

My beginner email copywriting class will teach you how to write better marketing emails so you get better results.

Who should take Email Copywriting 101?

My email copywriting class is for freelancers, small business owners, marketers and salespeople. In short, anyone writing sales emails without the training to do so should take this course.

In only 40 minutes and 8 fast-paced lessons, Email Copywriting 101 will teach you:

  • The three biggest mistakes to avoid
  • 10 tips for effective sales emails
  • How to write subject lines that get opens
  • And how to write calls to action that get clicks

And what does this cost? Only $35. Yep, for less than the cost of eating out, you can learn sales email tips and make back that tiny cost in just one successful email.

To get a taste of this beginner email copywriting class, watch the free preview.

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