You might have a money pit staring you in the face and you don’t even see it. This money sucker wastes time and dollars. And it’s not unique to your business. Like aliens taking over a city in some blockbuster movie, this money pit shows up all over, draining potential profits and tripping up productivity….all without anyone noticing anything is amiss.

No, it’s not an inside embezzler or a Russian hacker that’s quietly sabotaging your efficiency efforts. It’s poor writing skills.

A study by the American Management Association found that strong writing skills save 30% to 50% in writing time, and up to 50% in reading time. Up to 50%! Imagine if your employees could cut their time spent writing emails, chat messages and documents by half! Then imagine the employees on the receiving end of these messages cutting their reading time in half. How many hours per day could you get back for more important tasks? How much more productivity might you see?

  • When employees can write better faster, they communicate any necessary information in less time.
  • When the writing is more clear and concise, the information is understood in less time.

Stronger writing skills also streamline what comes next. People know what is expected of them. Team members are all on the same page. Efficiency increases as confusion fades away. All of this means employees can do more.

If you’d like to get rid of this weak writing money pit at your business, first acknowledge and then address the problem: lack of skill.

  1. Get your employees some training to help them improve their writing skills.
  2. Let employees know they don’t have to hide behind some kind of convoluted corporate speak when writing. Encourage them to be clear and confident.
  3. Reward the smallest try. Better writing takes practice, practice and more practice. Let them try. Let them fail. And keep them moving forward so you can get those hours and dollars back.

See ya, money pit!