Take Your Sales and Marketing Emails to the Next Level

Learn to write sales and marketing emails that cut through the clutter!

Email’s a great marketing tool, right? Cheap and easy to do. That’s why everyone does it.

But here’s the thing: Only about 20% of sales emails are opened and only 3% of those get clicks. Yikes! That’s hardly any!

If you’re still not getting the results you want from your sales emails, take this course on Intermediate Email Copywriting. In seven lessons, you’ll learn 19 ways to write persuasive emails that engage customers and get clicks.

Why should you get better? Because when you improve your email copywriting, you get more opens…and therefore clicks.

Let’s be honest here: Writing sales emails is hard. Email is not like other marketing channels. It can offer great ROI, but only if you do it right. And that’s why your email copywriting has to be better! It has to get people to open and to click. You need those clicks!

Plus, when you learn these tips and techniques, you’ll write emails that stand out from the clutter of your customer’s inbox—which gives you a huge advantage over your competition.

Who is this class for?

If you’re a marketer, salesperson, small business owner, freelancer, or junior copywriter writing sales emails, this class is for you. Even if you think you’re getting okay results, take this class and discover how you can make small changes for big impacts.

I worked as a freelance copywriter for 20 years. I wrote lots of marketing emails! And I teach you almost everything I learned in this one class!

What you’ll learn…

During this class, you’ll learn 19 concrete and specific ways to improve, with lots of examples to show you how these tips work. And at the end of the class, you take everything you’ve learned and apply it to two real-life emails to see how they stack up.

After taking this class, you’ll be able to write emails that:

  • Get people’s attention.
  • Speak to their needs.
  • Are eagerly anticipated.
  • Improve your deliverability.
  • Increase your open and click-through rates.
  • Generate sales.
  • Make you an email marketing rockstar.

Plus, this online class comes with a 31-page course guide that you can use to follow along and as a reference later.

Still not convinced you need to get better at writing sales and marketing emails? Watch the preview for free to learn more. Check out the class…

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