Take Engaging Classes on Business Writing, Marketing or Email Copywriting

Sometimes learning is more fun—and meaningful—when you have a real person delivering the lessons. That’s what I strive for in these online classes! I also work really hard to make sure they are light-hearted, actionable and just the right amount of information, so you’re not overwhelmed.

The classes also go from beginner on up, so you can start where you are and get just the lessons you need.

To find the online writing classes that best fit your professional goals, follow one of these links:

  • Business writing classes
  • Marketing writing classes*
  • Email copywriting classes (for small business owners and marketers)

*Note that the marketing writing classes can be extremely beneficial for business writing too. The tips and tricks I teach are to help you be a more persuasive writer—and we all want that skill at work, even if we’re not marketers!