Rock Your Inbox with Better Business Emails

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If you use email as part of your job, this ebook is for you. It will help you communicate clearly and get more done in fewer emails. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 3 ways email matters…and how being better at email benefits you
  • 5 changes to make to your whole approach…before you even start typing
  • 8 specific ways to improve your work emails
  • 3 things to do before you click “send”
  • 5 ways to get people to reply to your emails—with better answers


This business email writing ebook is for people who use email for work. It’s designed for salespeople, managers, business owners, people who are aspiring to move up the career ladder, and people who want to cut down on the time they spend in their inboxes–both at work and at home.

Want to read it on your tablet or phone? Get this ebook from Amazon for your Kindle instead.

2 reviews for Rock Your Inbox with Better Business Emails

  1. Christine Deputy

    “Rock Your Inbox” is a phenomenal read. Well written, to the point, riveting, amusing, and informative. Love it! What an excellent investment.

  2. Mavis Lamb

    I’ve just finished reading Sharon Ernst’s Rock Your Inbox ebook on Kindle. Can I just say – WOW?!? Seriously great information and she walks the talk. Her ebook is concise, orderly , easy-to-read and delivers what it promises. For ANYONE who uses email for their business – and isn’t that all of us – you will learn something here. Check it out and then, hire her to help your entire team!

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