Learn How to Write a Work Email that Works

Rock Your Inbox

Learn to write emails that work at work so you can save time and build your brand.

Work email sucks up our time like some kind of monster in a bad horror movie devouring its victims. Can you hear it? Ssshhhlllurp!

The sad truth is, we spend about 17 hours per week on email, and a lot of that is wasted time—time we will never get back. Time we won’t have for meaningful work or personal fun or a break from the laptop.

It’s crazy. It has to stop. And it can, when you learn how to write a work email that communicates clearly, cuts down on the back and forth, and frees you from your inbox.

How? By taking the online class Rock Your Inbox, the class that shows you how to boost your brand and productivity at work with better business emails.

Get free from your inbox!

If you use email at work, this course is for you. It will help you communicate clearly and get more done in fewer emails. The result? You’ll be more productive and look good doing it!

Even if you think you’re “pretty good” at email, you’ll learn ways to do email better.

Rock Your Inbox teaches you:

  • How being better at work email benefits you
  • Six ways to easily change how you do email
  • 10 ways to improve every email you send
  • Three critical steps to take before you click Send
  • How to get better replies to your emails—to save you time

When you know how to write a work email that gets your message across the first time, you save time. Plus how you write a work email either makes or breaks your brand at work. So there’s the career boost you’ll get too.

Boost productivity when you rock your inbox

But what if you’re the boss? If you’re a manager still wondering why your employees don’t get more done, you should have them take this course. In less than 45 minutes, you’ll give them the tools they need to spend less time on email and dramatically improve their communications with each other—and you. Plus that’s time they’ll have to finish projects, meet deadlines, and do higher value work.

Even if you think “it’s not that bad,” your bottom line will benefit if your employees take this email writing class and learn how to spend less time on work emails.

Because here’s the thing: Even a 5% savings is 24 minutes out of an 8-hour workday. That’s 2 hours per week, 8 hours per month, and about 100 hours per year that can be spent on meaningful work instead of the busy-ness of email.

Or maybe you should take the class? Because the truth is, everyone should learn to communicate clearly and get more done in fewer emails. Everyone should learn to break free of the inbox and be able to focus on work that matters.

Plus, the course includes a 19-page course guide to print out and keep as a reference until these techniques become habit—saving you even more time over time.

Want to learn more? Preview the class.

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