Hi! You probably landed here expecting something else and that’s understandable. You were looking for You landed at Well…there’s a reason for that. After 20 years, We Know Words has been quietly retired and Better Faster Writer has taken its place. In other words, I—as the principal of We Know Words—was ready for a change.

I’m still a freelance copywriter for my long-time clients, but I now focus on helping people be better, faster writers at work, for work. I’m using my 20 years of writing experience to create engaging ebooks, videos and workshops. I love to write. I love to read solid writing. And I love to teach this much-needed skill.* And so—to get back to the point—you’ve landed here and you have two choices: click on through to learn more about Better Faster Writer, or contact me with your We Know Words question.



*P.S. I have more time for our small farm this way too!