The ACE Your Writing workshop–just 3 hours to better, faster writing

 What if your employees could invest just three hours and walk away better, faster writers who are communicating more clearly, saving you time and money while protecting your brand? They can, with the in-person ACE Your Writing workshop focused on general writing skills.

Everything your employees will learn through this short but fast-paced and engaging workshop can improve their emails, chat messages, letters, proposals, reports and more. The workshop exercises can be customized to your business, and one-on-one coaching is available after the workshop for employees with specific questions or challenges.

The ACE stands for Audience, Clarity and Error-free…three critical components to consider when improving your writing skills.

Who should attend this business writing workshop?

Any employees who write as part of their jobs should take part in this writing workshop. This includes:

  • Financial and IT staff
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Customer service representatives
  • Administrative staff
  • Marketing and creative team members
  • Employees in PR and HR
  • Mechanics and maintenance team members
  • Anyone who can improve their productivity and communication with better writing skills

 After this business writing workshop, employees should be able to:

  • Write better and more clearly
  • Save the reader time
  • Protect or even enhance your brand
  • Streamline communication and collaboration
  • Write faster so they have time for higher value tasks
  • Read the writing of others with a critical eye
  • Improve teamwork and collaboration
  • Improve cross-departmental communication

 These in-person writing workshops are offered onsite, and they are limited to 25 people per workshop. The workshops include interactive lessons, hands-on practice, and one-on-one coaching (if scheduled in advance).

To learn more about the ACE Your Writing business writing workshop, contact me.