Sales Writing for Sales People Workshop

Does anyone cold call anymore? Today’s sales person is much more likely to use email to reach out to a prospect. Sure, they are picking up their phones. But it’s a smartphone, and it’s using for almost everything but making calls. 

The problem is, many sales people can’t write. I don’t mean they write poorly or their ability is mediocre. Comments like “my sales people can’t write” are common when you ask sales managers about it. 

And email is how prospects want to be reached. According to Hubspot, 86% of professionals prefer email when communicating for business purposes. 

Soooo…if sales people can’t write and email is their primary method for reaching out to prospects, we have a problem. And that is why we have a Sales Writing for Sales People workshop, primarily focused on email writing.

In just 2 hours, this hands-on workshop helps sales people to make their writing into sales tools. We look at plenty of bad examples to highlight what not to do, plus point out best practices in the real-life winners. Your sales people will also have time to work on their own writing during the workshop, with one-on-one coaching as needed. 

Sales people might be good at sales, but that doesn’t mean they’re good at writing. Poor writing skills can mean an email is ignored, a presentation bombs, or a letter offends. This workshop can turn all that around, for writing that works. 

To learn more about the Sales Writing for Sales People workshop, contact me with questions.

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