Writing Persuasively in the Digital Age: Ways to Woo Customers with Words

Are you looking to add value to your chamber memberships? Is your downtown business association asking for marketing help? The Writing Persuasively workshop might be the answer.

Called Writing Persuasively in the Digital Age: Ways to Woo Customers with Words, this workshop is for marketers at small businesses and small business owners who write their own marketing.

Not everyone is a copywriter and not every business can afford a copywriter! But still, the copy must be written. Today’s businesses need content for websites, email, social media, print materials, ecommerce and much more. If you’re writing marketing materials and want to improve, this workshop is for you.

Typically offered by a chamber of commerce or downtown business association (because they are the ones who hire me), this 1 ½ hour workshop helps attendees like you to understand your unique audience. Then we dive into 30 quick and easy ways to improve your marketing writing, with some hands-on practice at the end. The result? Writing that woos.

To learn more about the Writing Persuasively workshop, contact me.

“Sharon’s presentation helped our members understand how to think about their target customers, plus gave them countless tips for improving their marketing writing–tips they could put to use right away. Sharon definitely provided value for our members!”
–Nicole Sampson, Vice President, Chehalis Community Renaissance Team

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