Be a Better, Faster Writer…Starting Right Now

Technology makes communication in the workplace easier, with tools like email and chat. But technology doesn’t make communication better. In fact, everything’s so fast-paced, you could say technology makes effective communication harder to do. The result? Time wasted on too many back-and-forth emails, careers stagnated by poor writing skills, brands damaged by careless content, and more.

We’re living in a pressure cooker world, with little time for tasks and too many of those tasks. Any steps we can take to get ahead of all that, to be more productive (and professional) are steps worth taking. And being a better, faster writer tops the list. When you improve your business writing skills, you:

  • Get more done in less time because you communicate clearly.
  • Help others get more done for that same reason.
  • Give your career a boost.
  • Grow in confidence.
  • Enjoy writing more.
  • Gain credibility with your employees, managers, colleagues, customers and vendors.
  • Become an all-around better communicator.

I can help make that happen
Let me guide you toward better business writing skills. I’m Sharon Ernst. For over 20 years, I worked as a copywriter in the marketing field. I’ve written websites and brochures and emails and even a drink coaster. I’ve tackled packaging, catalog copy, and both print and banner ads. I’ve written scripts for videos and blog posts for CEOs. I’ve done case studies and whitepapers and infographics. In short, I’ve spent two decades writing all manner of marketing materials.

So why should you trust me to teach you or your employees to be better, faster writers? Well, for one thing because I can write compelling copy. That’s what copywriters have to do every day, day in and day out: write something others want to read. I bring those lessons to you. While others who teach business writing focus on teaching the mechanics of writing correctly, I focus on helping people write well and in an engaging style. There’s a huge difference. And isn’t that what you want for you and your employees? Better writing skills? Emails others will read? Documents that clearly communicate?

For another, making a living as a freelance copywriter means being fast and being focused. When one’s working world is dominated by deadline after deadline, there’s no time to dink around. I had to learn ways to write smarter and faster as a result. And those are the kinds of hands-on lessons I bring to my ebooksonline videos and in-person workshops.

Choose to learn better business writing skills
Whether you’re the one with subpar skills or it’s your employees who need help, you’re in the right place. Check out all the ways to learn, from easy ebooks to engaging videos to in-person workshops, all taught by a copywriter with 20+ years of experience and a you-can-do-this attitude. Or just call me…maybe

It’s not just “what” you say, but “how” you say it that counts in business!  As an education specialist, I communicate all day long and making sure that the message I deliver is clear is very important.  Working with Sharon has helped me to be clearer in my message, more impactful in my delivery and really hone in on how to be more effective in what I write.  Hats off to her and her ability to “teach” the art of writing for business!
Ginger Bell
Education Specialist

Sharon knows her stuff! I’ve been in this business for a very long time, yet it would still take me a week-long workshop to learn everything she knows about writing better and faster.

Mavis Lamb
Mambo Productions