My Online Classes Teach Real-Life Business Writing Skills

give your career a boost with better writing skills ebookWould you like to improve business writing skills without paying a lot of money or wasting a lot of time? Then you’re in the right place. I offer classes that focus on the real-world skills you need to quickly improve your business writing.

Here’s the thing: Other classes on business writing tend to be more expensive, more time-consuming, or more focused on grammar rules that you really don’t need to know.

Yes, you should improve your skills so you can be more productive and a better communicator. Yes, you should avoid mistakes that make you look stupid.

But the truth is, there’s a lot about writing that you don’t need to know. You’re not going to teach an English class or write a novel, right?

That’s why my classes focus on tips and tricks that make you a better, faster writer at work—not stuffy English rules, not dry subject matter that puts you to sleep.

Instead these classes teach you what you should know. They are fast-paced, covering a lot of material in a short time, and each class comes with a full course guide you can print out and refer back to later.

If you or your employees should be getting more done at work, these classes are for you. Even if you think you don’t have time to learn, you do—because otherwise you’re wasting time at work. Because the fact is, it’s either invest a little time in learning now, or waste hours later because you didn’t.

Light-hearted classes taught by a real person
Sometimes learning is more fun—and meaningful—when you have a real person delivering the lessons. That’s what I strive for in these online classes! I work really hard to make sure these business writing classes are light-hearted, actionable and just the right amount of information, so you’re not overwhelmed—and you’re more likely to remember the lessons.

Because the truth is, any money spent on a class is money wasted if the lessons don’t stick! And my lessons stick because of my approach.


Online Business Writing Classes and eBooks

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NEW CLASS Cut the Clutter: Get Rid of the Words that Get in Your Way
It’s here! The class that teaches you how to edit your own writing with ease. Take this class and learn to cut the clutter from your writing at work to make it stronger. Why? So you can communicate with fewer words and more punch. And when you get rid of the words that get in your way, you amplify your message while boosting your brand. See the class…

learn to proofread

FREE Proofreading Class
Learn to proofread your own writing, so you can catch your mistakes, protect your reputation and build your credibility at work. This quick 20-minute class goes over common mistakes to watch for. As one reviewer said, “What a great, short course! Not too long, not too short– just right.” And it has plenty of practice—because that’s how you’ll learn. Check it out here…

Rock Your Inbox with Better Business Emails
Email is part of your workday, but it’s such a time-sucking activity! It doesn’t have to be that way when you learn to rock your inbox. This class will teach you how to spend less time on email and look good doing it. You’ll boost your brand at work while getting more done with fewer emails. The course takes about 40 minutes and comes with a 19-page course guide, all for only $24.99. Learn more about the business email writing class…

guide to punctuation

FREE Guide to Punctuation ebook
This free ebook will teach you the nitty gritty punctuation rules that will not only help you avoid making mistakes, but improve the clarity of your writing too. Because yes, it does matter where you put that comma! Download it here now.

improve your business writing skills with this ebook

Use Power Words
If you want a quick fix rather than an online class, get this useful ebook on using the right words, for writing that works at work. This ebook will teach you the power or words, why specific words are far more effective than vague ones, ways to clean up clutter to tighten your writing, and commonly misused words to watch out for. Get it here. 

give your career a boost with better writing skills ebook

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