Be a Better Business, Sales or Marketing Writer

Copywriter, farmer, consultant, marketer, horsewoman, mom, wife, teacher…an About page is hard to write because I’m “about” a lot of things. And I’m passionate about helping you or your employees to be better writers with online classes on business, sales and marketing topics.

My approach–based on 20 years as a freelance copywriter

Hi, I’m Sharon Ernst and I want to help you be a better faster writer for and at work with my unique approach. All of my online business writing classes and sales and marketing writing classes are based on over two decades of experience in writing compelling, persuasive copy for my copywriting clients. (Read more about that.)

For the business writing student, that makes the class content more interesting and the lessons more fruitful, as you learn to not only write better and faster, but more persuasively too. For the sales and marketing writing student, you learn tips and techniques used by topnotch professional copywriters to drive engagement and sales.

Whether you’re in business, sales or marketing, good writers are made, not born. And wherever you think your skills fall today, you can be a better, faster writer tomorrow. So choose your business or sales and marketing class and get better, faster now.

P.S. There’s more to me than a love of writing well. Horses, pigs, farming, my husband, my kids…my life is rich and full of many blessings! Creating classes to help people benefit from all I have learned over the years is yet one more blessing in a very full life, and I hope the content I create helps you to get your work done faster and better–so you have more time for whatever it is that you love to do.

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