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Links to Past Issues…

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Last issue of the year: How to cut clutter, a free proofreading class…and the calf fights back!

October 2021: The future is freelance…and a new calf!

Summer 2021: Why it’s time to put down your phone…and pick up a book

June 2021: 7 ways to sloooow down…and a hidden puppy picture

May 2021: “It’s Myself!” + Freelance tips and why proofread on paper 

April 2021: A guide to punctuation…and hummingbird feathers.

March 2021: Bringing clarity to confused writing…and a chicken queue.

February 2021: Be nicer to your reader…and our puppy!

December 2020: The risky business of writing…and lots of writing tips to close out the year! 

November 2020: 8 ways to be a more confident writer…and hunting pedestrians?!

October 2020: Billions lost to bad writing…and farm cuteness!

September 2020: Use sales writing techniques…and other good stuff! 

August 2020: Being specific helps your marriage too…and the calf is here!

July 2020: Why you need a style guide, 14 easy ways to get better at writing…and no baby yet!

June 2020: Why being busy is bad for your writing, plus tips and practice…

May 2020: How to send less email, use commas to avoid offending…and cows

April 2020: Email and your professional brand, writing tips and practice…and planting trees in the wetland

March 2020:  3 skills no one taught you, 2 free ebooks…and a new chicken coop

January 2020: 4 ways to add wow without words…and scary quotation marks

December 2019: All things apostrophe, what your writing says about you…and two gorgeous horses

November 2019: Gratitude, ways to keep people reading what you wrote…and tasty cordials! 

September 2019: 11 mistakes you might be making…and parking for impatient people.

August 2019: Your writing skills matter more than ever…and sauerkraut.

July 2019: Why the Hemingway app scares me…and bacon bits.

June 2019: Why you’re a better writer than you think…and the garden in June.

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